The Hamer Blessing


The Hamer Blessing

The following is a prayer of blessing inspired by the life, words, & witness of  the revolutionary Jesus disciple & freedom fighter, Fannie Lou Hamer:

May God bless you with the gift of being “sick & tired of being sick & tired.” 

May your sick & tiredness of the way things are, move your body to practice the way things should be.

May God transfigure your frustrations into a beautiful struggle for liberation.
May God bless you to know that whether you “have a PHD, or no D”, your voice, your light, & your place in this struggle matters!
May God bless you with a bone deep knowing that “nobody’s free, til everybody’s free.”
May God bless you with holy discontentment with visions of change that leave any of our kinfolk out!
May God bless you with healing from trauma, and hope in the New Jerusalem promise!
May God bless you to call the Reign of Heaven down to earth with your praying, your singing, your protesting, your giving, & your preaching!
May God bless you with goodness in the face of evil, courage in the face of fear, joy in the face of sorrow, & revolutionary love in the face of injustice!
Above all, may you be blessed with an overwhelming sense of the Almighty’s nearness on this freedom journey!!
And by the grace of Jesus, may even your “falls push your forward in the fight for freedom.”
Amen & Ase
-Terrance Hawkins